Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Patricia Hewston, HBSc.Kin, MScOT, OT Reg (Ont), Ph.D.

HBSc.Kin, MScOT, OT Reg (Ont), Ph.D. (2017-Present)

MD, MSc, Ph.D. (2015-2016)

 Dr. Isabel B. Rodrigues, PhD, MSc, HBSc

PhD, MSc, HBSc (2022-Present)

Dr. Caitlin McArthur, BSc(KIN), MScPT, Ph.D.

BSc(KIN), MScPT, Ph.D. (2017-Present)

Dr. Janet Pritchard, BSc, PhD

BSc, Ph.D. (2013-2014)

Dr. Jenna Gibbs, BSc(KIN), MSc, Ph.D.

BSc(KIN), MSc, Ph.D. (2015-2018)

Dr. Afeez Hazzan, HBSc, MSc, Ph.D.

HBSc, MSc, Ph.D. (2014-2015)

PhD Candidates

Ahreum Lee, MPH

MPH, Ph.D. (s) (2018-Present)

Hajar Abu Alrob, BSc, MSc

BSc, MSc, PhD(C) (2020-Present)

PhD Student

Internal Medicine Residents

Masters Students

Medical Students

Undergraduate Students

Please note: undergraduate students interested in doing a thesis project at the GERAS Centre are required to volunteer for a minimum of 6 months first

Natalie Legault