Certified GERAS DANCE Instructor Course

GERAS Dancing for Cognition and Exercise (DANCE) is an evidence-based program that improves the brain health and mobility of older adults. In this course, learning will happen by watching high-quality videos featuring top geriatric medicine and rehabilitation experts and applying new concepts through interactive case studies.

Bringing it all together, instructors will engage in an interactive workshop with YMCA Canada Certified Trainers to learn the fundamental principles of group dynamics and program delivery. All instructors will be required to pass a final evaluation to ensure core competencies are met.

Dancing for brain health and mobility

GERAS DANCE was developed with rehabilitation and geriatric medicine expertise at the Geras Centre for Aging Research at Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University. GERAS DANCE provides a fun way for older adults to exercise regularly incorporating scientific principles of neuroplasticity, motor learning and dual-task training. The program uses functional exercises to help build strength and mobility to allow older adults to participate in everyday activities, such as climbing the stairs and walking around the block. With a broad range of dance styles and music from rock and roll to jazz – combined with lots of laughter – there is something everyone will enjoy.

Certified GERAS DANCE Instructor Prerequisite(s)
• Proof of certified fitness instructor training (or equivalent)
• Mac or PC device with an internet connection that is fast enough to stream video
• A device to record and upload video with audio and visual

Certification requirements
• Completion of 15-hour self-directed online learning on the certified GERAS DANCE instructor portal including completion of all modules and 80% or higher on all quizzes
• Active participation in the 8-hour instructor-led in-person workshop
• Final evaluation (video upload) with demonstrated core competencies
• Completion of all training components within a span of 6-months

Certification Status and Term
Instructors are required to complete all components of the training within a span of 6-months. This certification is valid for a duration of 2-years. Within 14 days of successful completion of the final assignment, certified GERAS DANCE instructors will receive a certificate of completion and certification number. Certified GERAS DANCE instructors may only teach GERAS DANCE at sites licensed to run the program with McMaster University.

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This certification is for certified fitness instructor training (or equivalent) looking for specialized training in exercise for older adults.


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