Positive Aging and Well-Being


The Hamilton Council on Aging (HCoA) is a non-profit charitable organization that was founded in 2005. Their mission is to advance positive aging — promoting the health, well-being and social participation of ALL older adults — by influencing attitudes, policies and programs to include their voices. HCoA provides educational workshops for older adults that promote healthy aging and supports well-being. Workshops include: Let’s Get Moving program (4 Part Series), Positive Aging (6 Part Series), and Navigating the Healthcare System (3 Part Series). All workshops are interactive, planned and facilitated by older adults who are volunteers of the Hamilton Council on Aging (HCoA).

Advance your skills


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have:

  1. Enhanced capacity to process and understand health information and services
  2. Increased knowledge of how to navigate the local transit system and learn the benefits of biking and walking
  3. Improved understanding of the determinants of health for positive aging

Workshop Format

Navigating the Health Care System Workshop

This is a series of 3 workshops. The workshop objective is to increase our capacity to give and obtain, process and understand health information and services so we can make and act on appropriate health decisions and plans

  • The series incorporates knowledge and strategies from local and national experts and applies these as exercises to commonly encountered situations including community and hospital care
  • There is also a focus on local resources to support our skill development. The program incorporates an interactive portion during each of the three sessions, so participants add to and enrich our collective learning.


Let’s Get Moving Workshops

Active transportation is important for positive aging and has been identified as an important determinant of health.

  • Let’s Take a Bus Workshop:
    (developed in partnership with the City of Hamilton Transit Division) Learn how to navigate the local transit system, board & exit the bus, wayfinding, fares and Presto passes.
  • Let’s Take a Walk Workshop:
    Learn about the benefits of walking and tips for safe walking. The workshop includes a guided walk on an outdoor trail or city route.
  • Let’s Drive a Car Workshop:
    Learn about how aging affects driving safety tips, assessing your driving skills, licensing and smart car features, alternatives to driving and driving resources.
  • Let’s Ride a Bike Workshop:
    Learn about the benefits of cycling, health and safety measures, rules of the road and taking advantage of bike- share rental programs.


Positive Aging

This series of 6 workshops explores the determinants of health for positive aging. Delivery format allows for questions, quizzes and audience contributions. We also focus on local resources and strategies to support individual adoption of healthier habits.

  • As Time Goes By: What to Expect as We Age: Normal Changes of Aging, How We Adapt and Resources to Support Healthy Aging
  • The Secret Ingredients to Healthy Aging: Nutrition Tips and Advice including strategies to optimize your eating behaviour and recipes to optimize nutrition
  • The 5-Star Approach to Staying Mentally Fit: Evidence based strategies to support brain health
  • Faster, Further, Stronger: Why and How to Stay Active Throughout the Years with a focus on local resources to support and enhance your activity level
  • Home Sweet Home: Strategies to Keep Your Independence: optimize your home to support aging in place with an emphasis on falls risk reduction and resources to support home adaptation
  • Come Join In! The Benefits of Being Socially Active: review the evidence that supports socialization and how to stay connected in your community.

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This course is geared toward older adults and those who want to learn how to support positive aging and well-being.