Current Position:

  • Senior Health Economist – Ontario Health

2015 – 2016: 

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow  – Geras Centre for Aging Research, Department of Medicine, McMaster University

Bio: Dr. Olga Gajic-Veljanoski was a post-doctoral fellow at the Geras Centre for Aging Research within the Department of Medicine at McMaster University. Dr. Gajic-Veljanoski is a clinical epidemiologist and health economist (University of Toronto – PhD Health Policy Management and Evaluation). At the Geras Centre for Aging Research, Dr. Gajic-Veljanoski conducted a longitudinal frailty risk-factor analysis of the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos) and cost-effectiveness analyses of Health Tapestry Frailty Intervention sub-study (TRIAGE) and FitHips pilot randomized control trial. Her work examined changes in costs, quality of life and healthcare resources with the use of tailored multimodal frailty interventions in frail and pre-frail seniors. Dr. Gajic-Velanoski is now working as a health economist at Health Quality Ontario.