Current Position:

  • Clinical Research Associate – University of Calgary

2013 – 2018:

  • PhD  – Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University

Bio: Dr. Ahmed Negm completed his PhD in Rehabilitation Science within the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. Dr. Negm is a trained orthopedic surgeon (Royal College of Surgeons of England), with a passion for clinical research and knowledge translation. As a PhD student and research coordinator working at the Geras Centre for Aging Research, Dr. Negm led several research initiatives to optimize functional performance of frail older adults and their caregivers. He led the development and coordination of the FitJoints multi-site randomized control trial, TAPESTRY intervention, and validation of the FRS tool in LTC residents in three Canadian provinces. In recognition of academic excellence and leadership, Dr. Negm has received 25+ academic awards including Osteoporosis Canada PhD Studentship Research Award, Canadian Frailty Network Interdisciplinary Fellowship, Ontario Graduate Scholarship and is a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Joint Motion Program Graduate Fellow in Musculoskeletal Health Research.