Osteoporosis LTC Recommendations

5. Hip Protectors

Hip protectors are a special type of pant or underwear with pads outside each side of the hips, especially designed to protect the hips during a fall.

What Are the Recommendations for Hip Protectors?​

  • For residents who are mobile and at high risk of fractures, we recommend hip protectors
  • For residents who are not at high risk of fracture but are mobile, we suggest hip protectors depending on resources available and the residents’ values and preferences.


An implementation tool on hip protectors for staff in long-term care.

Osteoporosis Canada provides a list of assistive devices that can reduce the risk of falling and help frail individuals live in a safe manner.

Powerpoint presentation of the 2015 CMAJ Recommendations for Preventing Fracture in Long-Term Care.

Key Publications

  • Do hip protectors decrease the risk of hip fracture in institutional and community dwelling elderly? A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [Sawka A et al.Osteoporos Int. 2005]
  • The use of hip protectors in long-term care facilities: a survey of nursing home staff [Sawka AM et al. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2007]