Osteoporosis Patient Stories

Residents in long-term care and their family members share stories about living with Osteoporosis. 

Combating Fear with Knowledge About Osteoporosis

Mark shares his experience of caring for his mother with Osteoporosis. ​ “The bottom line is fear,” says Mark Kimberley when discussing how his mother’s osteoporosis affects their lives. She may not experience that same emotion, but that fear is a part of Mark’s life every day.

The Presence of Pain and Undiagnosed Osteoporosis

Devora shares her experiences of living with Osteoporosis. ​ “I really didn’t know I had Osteoporosis,” Devora says, looking back. “I thought I had back problems… It got so bad that I was walking like a pretzel, I couldn’t straighten up.”

Osteoporosis Lessons in a Shared Family History

Sharon shares her experiences of living with Osteoporosis. ​ “We have a lot to be thankful for from those previous two generations, teaching us about osteoporosis,” Sharon says.

Risk and Consequences with Osteoporosis

Sylvia discusses some of the life changes she had to make upon discovering she had osteoporosis. ​ “Frankly, I didn’t understand what osteoporosis was,” she says. “I thought it was something that old people got and, therefore, I didn’t have it. I didn’t realize that I was at risk because my bones are porous.”

A Story of Four Hip Fractures

Robert recalls how the fractures his parents experienced affected their lives, as well as his.