iCare – Education Modules for Fracture and Fall Prevention

Overview: The goal of the study is to co-design a service provision called PREVENT (Person-centred Routine Fracture PreEVENTion) with healthcare providers in long-term care homes. The aim is to optimize the management of osteoporosis, reduce the risk of fractures, and improve the health and quality of life of long-term care residents. This study will adapt the PREVENT model for improved implementation in long-term care.


ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT05445336
Study Type: Observational
Homes (N): 3
Observational Model: Cohort (Retrospective and Prospective Study)
Primary Purpose: Adapt the PREVENT model for improved implementation in long-term care
Intervention Description: PREVENT is a scalable model for delivering routine assessments and interventions on diet and supplements, multifactorial fall and fracture prevention strategies, and medications to long-term care teams to treat residents at high risk of fracture.
Primary Outcome
  • Recruitment Rate
    • Number of long-term care homes in Ontario recruited within two months.
  • Long-term care home willingness and capacity
    • Determine long-term care home willingness and capacity to participate in the iCARE study based on a Checklist Survey.
  • Length of time to complete PREVENT Program
    • Length of time for participants to implement the PREVENT Program
  • Logistics of linking data (Yes/No format)
    • Determine the logistics of linking MDS 2.0 data with pharmaceutical database data at the resident level. This will be assessed by a “yes” or “no”.
  • Number of Questions Completed
    • The number of questions answered by the participants for each questionnaire.
  • Fidelity of delivering the PREVENT program
    • Determine the fidelity of delivering the PREVENT program. Criteria for success: ≥ 80% on the fidelity checklist.

Funded by: Amgen’s Competitive Grant Program in Bone Research