Osteoporosis Long-Term Care

Meeting the Challenges of Osteoporosis – English Version

Learn about the challenges of osteoporosis as well strategies to prevent falls and fractures in LTC.

Meeting the Challenges of Osteoporosis – French Version

Combatting Fear with Knowledge About Osteoporosis

Mark shares his experience of caring for his mother who has osteoporosis.

The Presence of Pain and Undiagnosed Osteoporosis

Devora shares her experience living with osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Lessons in a Shared Family History

Sharon shares her experiences with osteoporosis.

Risk and Consequences with Osteoporosis

Sylvia discusses changes she had to make her daily life when diagnosed with osteoporosis.

A Story of Four Hip Fractures

Robert recalls how the fractures his parents experienced affected their lives, as well as his.