Osteoporosis Long-Term Care

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CMAJ Podcast on Fracture Prevention in Long-Term Care

Listen to Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou – Executive Director at GERAS – as she is interviewed by Dr. Eric Tangalos of Reach MD Radio on Healthy Bones, Healthy Body: Osteoporosis in Long Term Care.

Osteoporosis Canada – Osteoporosis & You (Website)

This website provides up-to-date information on the risks, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

Falls and Related Injuries in Residential Care: A Framework & Toolkit for Prevention (PDF, 707 KB)

This report provides information on a systematic approach to fall prevention in residential care.

Moving and Doing Things Safely To Keep Pressure off Your Spine (Information Package) (PDF, 874 KB)

This booklet provides information and tips on how to change the way you do things to decrease the pressure on your spine.

Ontario Association of Residents Councils (OARC) (Website)

The OARC a non-profit association, which acts as a collective voice for Councils in Long-Term Care Homes.

Public Health Agency of Canada – You Can Prevent Falls! (Brochure)

A downloadable PDF version of the above website.

Public Health Agency of Canada – You Can Prevent Falls! (Website)

Public Health Agency of Canada provides tips on how to protect yourself from falls, including how to make your home age-friendly, and how to maintain proper bone health.

Reducing Falls and Injuries From Falls: Getting Started Kit (PDF, 7 MB)

This Getting Started Kit (GSK) has been written to help engage health care staff on how to improve quality and safety in long-term care homes.

Registered Nurses of Ontario (RNAO) Best Practices Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to offer point-of-care staff, nurses, educators and leaders access to the best available evidence-based resources and tools.

Staying Healthy and Safe by Building Stronger Bones (Presentation) (PDF, 631 KB)

Building stronger bones is one way to stay healthy and safe, so that you can continue to do the things that you enjoy. This book can help you learn about osteoporosis and broken bones, and what you can do to build stronger bones.

Too Fit to Fracture (Toolkit)

Too Fit to Fracture is an exercise recommendation package designed to reduce falls and fractures for individuals with osteoporosis. It includes strength training, posture, balance training and weight bearing aerobic physical activity.

Patient Education Resources

A Broken Hip, Moving Forward

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