Mateen Noori

  • Research Co-op Student, GERAS Centre


“I am passionate about broadening our shared understanding of what it means to age successfully and with dignity. I am proud to be part of a team that sets its mandate around improving the quality of life for elderly patients.”

Mateen is a fifth year Biochemistry student at McMaster University completing a co-op work term at the GERAS Centre. Mateen has previously worked at the University of Toronto as a co-op research student in the pharmacology department and was a thesis student at the David Braley Research Institute.

He is excited to use his research skills to explore the field of geriatrics and develop project management skills. At the GERAS Centre, Mateen is involved with DANCE & Gait, a study that aims to determine the outcomes of participation in a regular dance program on gait and cognition in older adults.

He is also involved in other operations and projects in the centre. Mateen plans to complete his degree next year.