Alicia Hanman, HBSc

Alicia Hanman is a research assistant at the GERAS Centre for Aging Research. She has completed her Undergraduate degree in Biology and Pharmacology Co-Op (McMaster University) and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Physiotherapy (McMaster University, 2020-2022).  

As a co-op student at the GERAS Centre, Alicia was awarded with the Canadian Frailty Network Summer Student Research Award to evaluate the usability and inform the development of an iPad app to detect frailty in older adults. Alicia performs the day-to-day operations of the CIHR-funded Frailty Rehabilitation clinical trial which aims to understand how to best build resilience among older adults living with frailty in the community using a multi-modal approach. Alicia is passionate about applying evidence-based research to promote independence and improve the quality of life of older adults.