Fit-Frailty App

Moving Evidence into Practice..with Technology

•    Frailty is sometimes overlooked, as screening for it is not a part of standard medical care. 
•    Using technology like iPad apps could make it easier and more efficient to assess frailty. 
•    The Fit-Frailty App is a simple electronic tool that helps to diagnose individuals at risk. 
•    Results will provide valuable information to help guide medical teams in developing treatment plans.

Co-Design Approach: The project team will work with patients, families, and caregivers to learn more about their experiences using this new technology and test it in healthcare settings. ​

Overview: The Fit-Frailty App was developed at the GERAS Centre for Aging Research by Dr. Courtney Kennedy and Dr. George Ioannidis, along with clinicians Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou, Dr. Rick Adachi and Dr. Kenneth Rockwood. It is a comprehensive measure of frailty* that incorporates physical, functional, cognitive, and social aspects. It was designed to help save time in busy clinical settings and be easily completed by older adults and caregivers. ​​​

Based on Dr. Kennith Rockwood’s Frailty Index Approach

App Developed by:

  • Courtney Kennedy, PhD
  • George Ioannidis, PhD
  • Alexandra Papaioannou, MD
  • Jonathan Adachi, MD
  • Kenneth Rockwood, MD

Software Developers:

  • PhD Applications Inc.

*Adapted from a Frailty Index (Rockwood Cumulative Deficits method) validated in the population-based Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMOS study).