Who We Are

The GERAS Centre for Aging Research is part of Hamilton Health sciences and affiliated with McMaster University. Our mission is to make life better for older adults by bringing the best research to the frontlines of care as quickly as possible. Our primary research focus is to lead in research and innovation in the Geriatric 5Ms: mind, mobility, medications, multi-complexity by building a framework of what matters most for older adults. We are leaders in research, innovation and learning for the benefit of our community and the world.

We are at the forefront of several innovative research initiatives focused on maximizing the resilience of vulnerable older adults. With our rapidly aging population, and with more people living with chronic disease, our work has never been more important. We have been working hard towards our goal to enable people to age with dignity and independence.

Our Strategic Goals

1. Lead in geriatric research, innovation and learning for the benefit of the community and beyond;

2. Create therapeutic programs tailored to meet the needs of our older adults;

3. Empower older adults and their families through information and solutions for everyday living.

Our First 5 Years

GERAS celebrates 5 years of advancing research, innovation & learning in geriatric care! Learn more about our team, projects & partners in our 5-year report. Our peer reviewed publications list includes over 179 peer-reviewed publications in the last 5-years advancing research in frailty, dementia, osteoporosis and more.