Thom Ringer, HBA, MPHIL, JD, MD (c)

Thom Ringer, HBA, MPHIL, JD, MD (c)
  • MD Candidate, Department of Medicine, McMaster University
  • Research Assistant, GERAS Centre


Thom Ringer is a medical student conducting research at the GERAS Centre. Thom is a medical student at McMaster University, where he is a co-founder of the Bedside Medicine Interest Group, a student-led initiative focused on enhancing clinical skills learning. Previously, he was a research assistant in family medicine and geriatric psychiatry at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, where his work centered on vascular and other dementias in older adults, as well as knowledge translation and publication ethics. He is a co-author on papers in PLoS Medicine and the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. His work has also appeared in the Princeton Journal of Bioethics.

Before attending medical school, Thom was a senior management consultant in KPMG Canada’s public sector practice, a manager in asset optimization at Infrastructure Ontario, and a white collar defence and commercial litigation lawyer in California. He attended Yale Law School, where he was co-editor-in-chief of the Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal, and active in pro bono clinics for survivors of domestic violence and immigrant workers.

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