Loretta M. Hillier, MA, CE

Loretta M. Hillier, MA, CE
  • Program Manager, Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy for Long-Term Care
  • Private Practice Research and Evaluation Consultant 

Loretta has been working in the health services field since 1986 and has focused on health services research and evaluation specifically related to seniors since 2001. She is a Credentialed Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society. She provides research and evaluation consultation to a number of initiatives of Specialized Geriatric Services, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Regional Geriatric Program central, and the Centre for Family Medicine, Kitchener. Loretta has worked with a number of organizations, both governmental and non-governmental at local, regional, provincial, and national levels to evaluate health care programs and services for seniors. 

“Frail elders are a vulnerable population often unable to advocate for themselves. Geriatric health service evaluation and research serves as an important opportunity to advocate on the behalf of older adults – to hear their voice, ensure their health needs are met, and to increase our understanding of how to develop and implement high quality health services.” 

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