Dr. Paul Katz, MD, CMD

Dr. Paul Katz, MD, CMD
  • Chair of Geriatrics, College of Medicine, Florida State University​

Email: paul.katz@med.fsu.edu

Dr. Katz recently assumed the position of Chair of Geriatrics, College of Medicine, at Florida State University. Prior to his move to Florida, Dr. Katz was Vice President of Medical Services and Chief of Staff at Baycrest in Toronto, Ontario, and Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. He has also served as Chief of Geriatrics at the University of Rochester in New York, and Director of the Fingerlakes Geriatric Education Center. Dr. Katz has held leadership positions in several national organizations including serving as President of the American Medical Directors Association.

Dr. Katz has edited 11 textbooks and published extensively on a range of educational, clinical and quality care issues in long term care. He has received funding from the National Institute of Health, the U.S. Veterans Administration, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as from private foundations. His research currently focuses on medical staff organization models and physician practice patterns specific to long term care settings.​

“This area of work is important to me because it will impact on quality of care and quality of life.”