Dr. Isabel B. Rodrigues, PhD, MSc, HBSc

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, GERAS Centre

Email: rodrigib@mcmaster.ca

With the increasing number of older adults worldwide, promoting independence, health, and well-being is a major priority. My research focuses on how older adults can maintain aspects of their life that are important to them such as being independent and mobile. My goal is to help older adults successfully “age in a place” rather than “age in place”.

Dr. Isabel B. Rodrigues is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the GERAS Centre for Aging Research within the Department of Medicine at McMaster University. She completed her doctoral training at the University of Waterloo where she specialized in the Aging, Health, and Wellbeing program. Her research focuses on designing intervention to improve mobility and quality of life among older adults living with osteoporosis and frailty using a collaborative, user-centric approach. She is an implementation scientist with skills in knowledge mobilization, clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, qualitative description, randomized controlled trials, and tool development. Dr. Rodrigues holds over $270,000 from prestigious scholarships and awards including the Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship, the Labarge Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mobility in Aging award, and Osteoporosis Canada PhD studentship award. She is also a member of the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Evidence Alliance and a trainee member at the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA).


Notable publications:

  1. Rodrigues IB, Wang E, Keller H, et al. MoveStrong”: An analysis of secondary outcomes for a pilot randomized controlled trial. HPCDPJ. Accepted
  2. Rodrigues IB, Wang E, Keller H, et al. The MoveStrong program for promoting balance and functional strength training and adequate protein intake in pre-frail older adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial. PLOS One. 2021 Sep 24;16(9):e0257742
  3. Rodrigues IB, Ponzano M, Hosseini Z, et al. The Effect of Impact Exercise (Alone or Multicomponent Intervention) on Health-Related Outcomes in Individuals at Risk of Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Sports Med. 2021 Jun;51(6):1273-1292
  4. Rodrigues IB, Ponzano M, Butt DA, et al. The Effects of Walking or Nordic Walking in Adults 50 Years and Older at Elevated Risk of Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. J Aging Phys Act. 2021 Feb 11;29(5):886-899.
  5. Rodrigues IB, Adachi JD, Beattie KA, MacDermid JC. Development and validation of a new tool to measure the facilitators, barriers and preferences to exercise in people with osteoporosis. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2017 Dec 19;18(1):540.