Overview: iGeriCare is an open-access website designed to bring clarity to a diagnosis of dementia by providing free high-quality e-learning. The site’s goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of caregivers, families and patients by offering simplified, easy-to-access education that allows individuals to learn about all aspects of dementia at their own pace, in their own homes.​

Summary:  iGeriCare is home to interactive e-learning lessons that cover the essentials of dementia. Starting with introductory topics such as ‘What is Dementia’ and looking at important topics related to the treatment, safety, care of the dementia patient, challenging behaviours and caregiver wellness. The lessons do not have to be taken in any specific order, individuals can choose a topics based on where they are in their journey. Each lesson comes paired with associated resources that help users learn even more about dementia. These resources include documents, links, and videos. Users can filter resources by topic to quickly find what they are looking for.​ The iGeriCare project team also hosts regular live events. These online events provide the opportunity for an interactive online discussion of the content of the iGeriCare lessons, allowing the public to ask questions and have them answered by subject matter experts. Knowing that time is at a premium for those caring for someone with dementia, all of these events will be recorded and archived for later viewing. The best part about iGeriCare is that it is entirely free, for the benefit of public knowledge. This project can make a difference and be a positive force for change in lives of Canadians affected by dementia.

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