Osteoporosis Strategy for Long Term Care – About Us

Osteoporosis Strategy for Long-Term Care gives healthcare professionals, seniors, and their families access to quality information and resources regarding osteoporosis and fracture prevention.

Who We Are

Funded by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy for LTC is a province-wide program of outreach activities aimed at increasing awareness about fracture prevention specifically in LTC, with a focus on the importance of appropriate vitamin D and calcium intake, and on falls prevention.

Since the implementation of the strategy in 2007, prescribing patterns in Ontario LTC homes have seen changes. Vitamin D prescribing – in particular – has increased by 40%, which may have an impact on falls and fracture reduction.

Why We Need a Strategy

  • Osteoporosis is the single greatest cause of fractures among Ontarians over 50
  • 57,000 osteoporosis fractures every year in Ontario, costing approximately $500 million in acute and long-term care
  • We need a framework to prevent the disease and  improve the lives of residents of Ontario

How We Work

Research & Innovation

We use cutting-edge research and innovation to inform education in healthcare and influence practice


We mobilize best evidence to best practice by forming key partnerships to drive change in seniors care

Provincial Reach

We integrate knowledge and practice to share with partners, healthcare professionals and seniors across the province