Osteoporosis LTC Recommendations

4. Multifactoral Interventions

What Are Multifactoral Interventions?

​Multifactorial interventions are any combination of interventions that are tailored to an individual’s risk to reduce falls. Such interventions may include:​

Medication Reviews

Assessment of Environmental Hazards

Assistive Devices


Management of Urinary Incontinence

Educational Interventions Directed to Staff

For all residents, we suggest multifactorial interventions that are individually tailored to reduce the risk of falls and fractures.


Lists of potentially inappropriate medications for older adults who are not receiving hospice or palliative care, and one of the most frequently cited reference tools in the field of geriatrics.

This report provides information on a systematic approach to fall prevention in residential care.

This Getting Started Kit (GSK) has been written to help engage health care staff on how to improve quality and safety in long-term care homes. 

The Toolkit is designed to offer point-of-care staff, nurses, educators and leaders access to the best available evidence-based resources and tools.