Lavan Sivarajah Receives CFN 2017 Summer Student Award

Lavan Sivarajah, BSc (c)

Congratulations to GERAS Trainee, Lavan Sivarajah, on receiving the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) Summer Student award.  Lavan has been awarded $4000 for his project titled Nutritional status of frail & pre-frail older adults undergoing hip replacement surgery and its relationship to functional mobility and pain.

This project will examine the pre-operative nutritional status of frail/pre-frail older adults undergoing elective total hip replacement. Studies have consistently shown that malnutrition is associated with adverse outcomes after hip replacement surgery. However, this relationship in patients who are frail/pre-frail is less known. Frail patients, in particular, are at higher risk of malnutrition and could potentially benefit from interventions targeting an improvement in their nutritional status prior to surgery. We hope this study will fill this knowledge gap about the implications of nutrition on function and strength in frail/pre-frail patients undergoing surgery.