Geriatric Certificate Program

About the Geriatric Certificate Program (GCP):

The GCP was developed and launched in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2013. Our program consists of core educational courses/workshops that are offered through partnerships with well-known healthcare organizations and clinician educators, which are specific to each education stream available through the GCP. Courses/workshops are offered in-person Canada-wide, as well as through online distance platforms.  This unique program is available to both Regulated and Non-Regulated healthcare professionals.

The Curriculum:

Presently, there are two education streams available designed to reflect learning priorities and geriatric core competencies that are most applicable to the learners previous education and current field of practice. GCP has designed education streams to align with learners in either regulated or non-regulated health professional roles.  The GCP Curriculum consists of five required courses, and two electives that have been specially designed for both the Regulated and Non-Regulated Stream.‚Äč

The planning and development of the GCP has been reviewed and endorsed by the McMaster University Continuing Health Sciences Education Office.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals Registering for the GCP:

  •          Improve confidence and competence
  •          Expand career opportunities in Geriatrics
  •          Develop new practical skills and knowledge to your education portfolio
  •          Become equipped with new evidence-based approaches to care for older adults
  •          Access to current research and core competencies in geriatrics

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