What is GERAS to Go?

GERAS to Go is an aging well workshop series hosted by the GERAS Centre and developed by experts at Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University. This evidence-informed series provides aging adults, seniors, families, and caregivers with quality information on aging and age-related topics that is functional, immediately practical, and easy to understand. ‚Äč

How many sessions are held?

The pilot series is composed of modules, each running six sessions over six consecutive weeks and delivered by community experts.

Our first module ran from May – June 2016 at Sackville Hill under the theme of Successful Aging.

Topics Include:

  • As Time Goes By: What to Expect as We Age
  • The Secret Ingredients to Healthy Aging: Nutrition Tips and Advice 
  • The 5-Star Approach to Staying Mentally Fit
  • Faster, Further, Stronger: Why and How to Stay Active Througout the Years
  • Home Sweet Home: Strategies to Keep Your Independence
  • Come Join In! The Benefits of Being Socially Active

Our second module ran from January-March 2017 at the Village of Wentworth Heights. Module 2 was themed Planning for the Future.

Topics Include:

Download the flyer (PDF, 336 KB)
  • Behind the Wheel: Driving Safety & Aging
  • When to Consider Moving & What Options Are Available
  • Financial Advice for Seniors/POA Finances
  • Elder Abuse: How to Recognize it and What to do
  • Making Your Wishes Known: Advanced Care Directives
  • Assisted Dying

Stay Tuned: the GERAS Volunteer Interprofessional Practice (VIP) Committee is currently working on a book version of GERAS to Go!

A special thank you is owed to The Village of Wentworth Heights for their generous support of this pilot project!