GERAS Research Assistant Presents at 2016 Canadian Geriatrics Society

(left to right) : Dr. Annie Cheung, Dr. Camilla Wong, Thom Ringer

At the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Geriatrics Society, Thom Ringer presented a GERAS Centre study of the evidence about the relationship between frailty in older adults and physical, financial and emotional burden in their adult caregivers. Findings included that 10-14% of caregivers experienced abnormal depression or anxiety, and there are meaningful differences in the way frailty caregivers experience burden as compared with caregivers of adults with other conditions. The review concluded that the subject needs further study.​

Ringer T, Hazzan AA, Agarwal A, Mutsaers A, Papaioannou A. Relationship between physical frailty in community dwelling older adults and informal caregiver burden: a systematic review. Canadian Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Vancouver, BC. April 16, 2016.