Gaining Optimal Osteoporosis Assessments in Long-Term Care (GOAL)

Aim: To increase the awareness of the new LTC osteoporosis guidelines, improve appropriate osteoporosis prescribing, and document LTC residents who are at high risk for fracture, and those who fall & fracture.

Overview: GOAL is a knowledge translation initiative targeted at inter-professional teams in 50 LTC homes across the province. This collaborative quality improvement program delivered by McMaster University and Medical Pharmacy Group Limited.

Intervention Components (6 month):

  • 2 Interactive sessions with Interprofessional team members at the LTC homes
  • 2 video presentations delivered by GOAL experts regarding the management of osteoporosis
  • Novel electronic pharmacists risk assessment tool that identified high risk residents and provided management recommendations
  • Prescribing feedback reports
  • Action planning for quality improvement

Results: GOAL results were presented at the International Osteoporosis Foundation meeting in Milan, Italy and suggested that a prior diagnosis of osteoporosis, prior clinical vertebral fractures, and current glucocorticoid use are factors that trigger the use of osteoporosis medications in high risk residents.

Components of Success: Through educational sessions, participants have learned key components of the fracture prevention guidelines including the recognition of high risk residents; and the use of calcium/vitamin D, hip protectors, and pharmacological therapies.

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