Evaluating Long-Term Care Homes’ IntraVenous Therapy Experiences (LIVE Study)


Study Brief

Read the results of the LIVE study and recommendations for implementing this service in long-term care.

Residents and families (PDF, 232 KB)

Healthcare professionals (PDF, 229 KB)

Clinical Pathways

Learn about evidence informed  assessment and management of RTI and UTI infections in elderly LTC  residents

RTI Clinical Pathway (PDF, 148 KB)

UTI Clinical Pathway (PDF, 151 KB)


Watch a LTC home resident speak about the advantages of long-term care in-home IV therapy and the implementation of the LIVE study.


Learn the step-by-step process and procedures for implementing in-home IV therapy in LTC as developed by the study partner, Medical Pharmacies Group Limited.

OMS Infusion Therapy Manual (PDF, 1 MB)


See an example of a poster used to inform LTC home residents and family members about the availability of in-home IV therapy.

LIVE Study Poster (PDF, 108 KB)

LIVE is a study that aims develop and evaluate a clinical pathway that supports best practice of IV treatment delivery in long term care. The goal is to avoid unnecessary emergency department transfers and hospitalizations.

Visit our study page to learn more.

GERAS, Centre for Aging Research.