Dr. Esther Coker on Oral Hygience Care for Older Adults in Hospital

Dr. Esther Coker has published in Geriatric Nursing and the International Journal of Older People Nursing on the topic of oral hygiene care for older adults in hospital.Older Adults receiving acute care in hospital rely on nurses for their oral hygiene care. Plaque on teeth, if not removed, contributes to aspiration pneumonia and gingivitis, which, in turn, can lead to other health concerns.‚Äč

  • Coker, E., Ploeg, J., Kaasalainen, S., & Carter, N. (2017). Observations of oral hygiene care interventions provided by nurses to hospitalized older people. Geriatric Nursing, 38(1), 17-21.
  • Coker E., Ploeg J., Kaasalainen S. & Carter N. (2017) Nurses’ oral hygiene care practices with hospitalised older adults in post-acute settings. International Journal of Older People Nursing, 12, e12124; doi: 10.1111/opn.12124

Dr. Coker has also been awarded the 2016 International Journal of Older People Nursing Award for Outstanding Methodological Innovation in Gerontological Nursing Research for the second publication. This recognizes a paper that brings merit to the field of gerontological nursing through originality and rigour.