The GERAS Centre is comprised of leading researchers in the field of geriatrics. Our scientists and associate researchers regularly publish their national and international work in a range of peer-reviewed publications across many different disciplines and research areas. ​

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Publication Highlights

Recommendations for preventing fracture in long-term care
Papaioannou, A., Santesso, N., Morin, S.N., Feldman, S., Adachi, J.D., Crilly, R., Giangregorio, L.M., Jaglal, S., Josse, R.G., Kaasalainen, S. and Katz, P., (2015) Canadian Medical Association Journal, 87(15): 1135-1144.

A Frailty Index predicts 10-year fracture risk in adults age 25 years and older: results from the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos)
Kennedy, C.C., Ioannidis, G., Rockwood, K., Thabane, L., Adachi, J.D., Kirkland, S., Pickard, L.E. and Papaioannou, A. Osteoporosis International 25(12): 2825-2832. 

Comparative trends in incident fracture rates for all long-term care and community-dwelling seniors in Ontario, Canada, 2002-2012.
Papaioannou A., Kennedy C.C., Ioannidis G., Cameron C., Croxford R., Adachi J.D., Mursleen S., Jaglal S. (2016) Osteoporos Int 27(3):887-97.

GERAS at The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting

GERAS will have the pleasure of presenting at The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario from April 20 – 22, 2017.

GERAS is excited that four oral presentations have been accepted for the conference:

  • S Radcliffe; A Giangregorio; G Ioannidis; C Kennedy; L Lamarche; D Oliver; L Dolovich; E Haney; A Papaioannou. Tailored Exercise for Frail/Pre-Frail Community Dwelling Older Adults: TAPESTRY-TRIAGE. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Oral Presentation).
  • L Sivarajah; ASM Borhan; C Kennedy; G Ioannidis; A Negm; S Marr; C Patterson; B Misiaszek; T Woo; A Papaioannou. Cognitive and Physical Function: Further Evidence of a Link. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Oral Presentation).
  • S Tharmalingam; A Takaoka; M Shears; T Millen; A Holding; F Clarke; B Rochwerg; G Li; L Thabane; T Woo; J St. Onge; K Rockwood; S Bagshaw; D Cook. Evaluating the Clinical Frailty Score in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Oral Presentation).
  •  J Lee; S Muratov; JE Tarride; JM Paterson,;K Thavorn; L Mbuagbaw; T Gomes; W Khuu; A Holbrook. Contribution of Medications to High Cost Healthcare User Status in Seniors. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Oral Presentation).

GERAS will also have the opportunity to share research findings in five poster presentations:​

  • M Wong-Pack;T Ringer; P Miller; C Patterson; S Marr; B Misiaszek; T Woo; R Sztramko; P Vastis; A Papaioannou. Comparing the Perspectives of Those Providing Care to Persons with Dementia and their Healthcare Professionals. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Poster Presentation).
  • S Mohammad Alsaad; A Negm; C Kennedy; R Brignardello-Petersen; L Thabane; A Veroniki; A Giangregorio; R Adachi; J Richardson; I Cameron; A Papaioannou. Intervening to Reduce & Manage Frailty: What are the Most Effective Strategies? The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Poster Presentation).
  • P Hewston; N Deshpande. Fear of Falling in Older Adults with Diabetes Mellitus: A Scoping Review. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Poster Presentation).
  • G Ioannidis; M Jantzi; J Hirdes; L Giangregorio; L Pickard; J Adachi; A Papaioannou. The Development of Our Hip Fracture Prediction Outcome Scale for Frail Long Term Care (LTC) Residents. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Poster Presentation).
  • A Papaioannou; D O’Donnell; G Ioannidis; A Hazzan; H Navare; D Broadhurst; L Hillier, D Simpson; M Loeb. Administration of Intravenous Therapy in Long-Term Care: Caregiver and Key Stakeholder Perspectives. The Canadian Geriatrics Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Toronto, Ontario, April 20-22, 2017 (Accepted Poster Presentation).

We would also like to congratulate the following GERAS members for receiving CIHR-CGS Travel Grants:​

  • Patricia Hewston
  • Justin Lee
  • Thom Ringer
  • Matthew Wong-Pack
  • Lavan Sivarajah

To learn more about the CGS conference, visit the Canadian Geriatrics Society website.


What is iGeriCare?

iGeriCare is an open-access website designed to bring clarity to a diagnosis of dementia by providing free high-quality e-learning. The site’s goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of caregivers, families and patients by offering simplified, easy-to-access education that allows individuals to learn about all aspects of dementia at their own pace, in their own homes.​

iGeriCare is home to interactive e-learning lessons that cover the essentials of dementia. Starting with introductory topics such as ‘What is Dementia’ and looking at important topics related to the treatment, safety, care of the dementia patient, challenging behaviours and caregiver wellness. The lessons do not have to be taken in any specific order, individuals can choose a topics based on where they are in their journey. Each lesson comes paired with associated resources that help users learn even more about dementia. These resources include documents, links, and videos. The team took the time to separate these resources from their lessons and list them all for the benefit of the user in a dedicated section of the site. Users can filter resources by topic to quickly find what they are looking for.​

Lastly, the iGeriCare project team hosts regular live events. These online events provide the opportunity for an interactive online discussion of the content of the iGeriCare lessons, allowing the public to ask questions and have them answered by subject matter experts. Knowing that time is at a premium for those caring for someone with dementia, all of these events will be recorded and archived for later viewing.

The best part about iGeriCare is that it is entirely free, for the benefit of public knowledge. We believe that this project can make a difference and be a positive force for change in lives of Canadians affected by dementia.

Visit iGericare to get started.


Since its foundation in 2013, the GERAS Centre for Aging Research has emerged as an international leader in fractures, frailty, and dementia research. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to collaborate to create innovative solutions that enhance patient care and quality of life.​

Current Opportunities

Communications Volunteer
The GERAS Centre for Aging Research is seeking a communications volunteer to support the various communication needs of the team, including writing and editing for print and digital communications, maintaining social media and website, marketing and brand management, and supporting special events for a 12 month term.
View the full job description HERE

Post-Doctoral Fellow
The post-doctoral fellow will report directly to Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou, BScN, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FACP, who is a Professor of Medicine (Division of Geriatrics) at McMaster University, a Geriatric Medicine Specialist at Hamilton Health Sciences and Executive Director of the GERAS Centre for Aging Research or a faculty member with the GERAS Centre. The postdoctoral fellow will also work closely with our multidisciplinary research team on current funded projects and supervise trainees.
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At the GERAS Centre, we are committed to providing exemplary care in geriatrics using a rapid learning health system approach that acknowledges the fundamental links between research, practice, and education. Volunteers are an integral part of GERAS’s mission and there are many reasons to volunteer. Benefits may include the desire to help others, or to gain valuable knowledge and experience. Whatever your reason, GERAS, HHS and the Volunteer Association appreciate your contributions.

The GERAS Centre has established a Volunteer Interprofessional (VIP) Committee. Members of this Committee serve as ambassadors to McMaster University, helping GERAS identify opportunities for students and community members to get involved as volunteers. We aim to match the best interprofessional students in training with the right opportunities.

Learn more about the VIP Committee.

Learn more about volunteering at Hamilton Health Sciences and the GERAS Centre.

Types of Positions

  • Volunteer Interprofessional (VIP) Committee Members​
    With direction from staff, this interprofessional committee is responsible for identifying opportunities for university and college students to engage in meaningful volunteer activities on GERAS Centre projects. The Committee is also responsible for recruiting, screening and selecting appropriate and reliable candidates for available volunteer positions. They will be responsible for overseeing scheduling activities, and providing input on the Centre’s activities from the student and volunteer perspective. Learn more about the VIP Committee.
  • Volunteer Research Interns
    The Volunteer Research Intern is an essential part of the research team, and may work on a variety of exciting projects. This position provides support to the team on current research studies, all of which aim to improve the quality of life for seniors and older adults in our community. 

Current Opportunities

We are not actively seeking volunteers for any positions at this time.


GOAL: Develop the dance training materials and model for future scalability in Canadian/global markets

We are excited to announce that GERAS Dance has received funding from the CABHI Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program (RCP2). This funding program is designed to enhance the effectiveness of connecting point-of-care clinicians in the senior care sector with university-based researchers to collaboratively design, test and validate innovative products, services or health practices in aging and brain health in a real-world care setting.

RCP2  funding for GERAS Dance will help us further develop our idea, and engage in validation testing to determine its impact on older adults and their caregivers. ​

We are grateful to CABHI and the generous funding provided by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, by the Government of Canada through the Public Health Agency of Canada, and by the Baycrest Foundation.

In collaboration of numerous YMCA locations across the Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Niagara region, GERAS will be scaling up the DANCE research study enabling seniors in other communities to benefit from high-quality programming that targets improvement in social, cognitive and physical function.​

Our vision is to create a sustainable platform of products and services that can be implemented across Canada and globally. This includes in-person and on-line training, high-quality manuals, comprehensive support and establishing a community of practice.