Canadian Frailty Priority Setting Partnership

What is the Canadian Frailty Priority Setting Partnership?

The Canadian Frailty Priority Setting Partnership is a study that aims to identify priority areas for Canadian researchers and research funding organizations. To do this, the study is asking Canadians what they believe are the important questions related to care, support and treatment for frail older adults. The research questions identified by you and others completing this questionnaire will be prioritized to produce the “top ten” Canadian frailty research priorities.​

How is the GERAS Centre involved?

The GERAS Centre is a proud partner of the Canadian Frailty Priority Setting Partnership. We are supporting the dissemination of this open survey in order to get as many responses as possible. One of our Centre’s research themes is ‘Frailty, Falls, and Fractures’, and we will be able to use the survey results to ensure that our work in this area is meaningful and relevant to Canadians.​

Where can I learn more?

Visit the Canadian Frailty Network website to learn more about this study.​

I want to fill out the survey.

If you are an older adults concerned about frailty, a friend, family member, or caregiver of a frail person, or a health or social care provider for someone with frailty, please complete the survey online, or download a PDF version of the survey. Please note that you must live in Canada to take part.​

Thank you!