AGE-ON, formerly ‘iLearn, iLiveWell’, is an iPad education course that helps older adults become familiar with their iPad.  The 6-week course covers everything from turning the iPad on, to navigating the internet, to sharing photos with family and friends. Participants recieve a binder with 100+ pages of step-by-step iPad, and are led through the hands-on modules by an educator with support from student volunteer mentors. The program also aims to reduce and/or prevent social isolation and loneliness that may be experienced by older adults through interaction with mentors, and use of technology. 

AGE-ON education sessions are offered regularly both by RGPc and in partnership with other community-based organizations.

What participants are saying about the program:

“It’s been very helpful. What I have liked very much are the at each table. It’s made a big difference, and helps us to kep because there’s a completely different lingo all together. I had no experience of this before and I’ve found this very helpful”
– AGE-ON participant

Interested in accessing iPad education designed for seniors? E-mail RGPc at or visit the RGP Central website.