How to instruct GERAS DANCE at Home

Certified GERAS DANCE instructors will provide GERAS DANCE at Home handouts to participants each week to help participants achieve 180/mins of exercise per week.

PDF GERAS DANCE at Home handouts are provided in the “GERAS DANCE site bundle module”. Homework sheets are given to participants on the first class each week (e.g., Mondays) and reviewed on the second class of that week (e.g., Wednesdays).

Become familiar with each exercise and practice how you would demonstrate each to older adults within the GERAS DANCE class.

Each week contains 2 types of exercises:

1. Dance Steps

  • Official GERAS DANCE foundation steps
  • Official GERAS DANCE routine steps

2. Balance Exercises

  • Evidence-based exercises module to improve balance
  • Beginner to advanced level exercises

Mark this module as complete to begin your first week of at home learning.