TAPESTRY-TRIAGE Study Hosts Participant Tea

On Wednesday April 19, 2017 GERAS Centre invited the participants and collaborators of the Targeting, Referring, Intervening to Promote Healthy AGEing (TAPESTRY-TRIAGE) Study to tea. This healthy aging study targets improved daily functioning, quality of life and mobility via a multifaceted approach that is tailored to each individual.

The tea was held in appreciation of participants’ contributions to the success of the study.  Guest speakers included TAPESTRY TRIAGE leads – geriatrician Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou and family physician Dr. Doug Oliver – who shared preliminary results and introduced new health initiatives for older adults.  Dr. Larkin Lamarche spoke of Health Tapestry.

One highlight of the day was when 97 year old TRIAGE participant, Francene, spoke about her research experience and how it changed her life.  She shared her ideas on healthy aging and encouraged the other participants to use the opportunity to teach and share knowledge about healthy aging from the principles of TRIAGE.

Special thanks to the RWTO Hamilton-Wentworth Branch (Retired Women Teachers of Ontario) for funding this event