TAPESTRY: Teams Advancing Patient Experience Strengthening Quality

TAPESTRY is a partner of the GERAS Centre.

Aim: To develop and enhance public participation in the way health services are planned and how health decisions are made and delivered, and raise awareness within the health system about community issues facing older adults (and other at risk populations).

The program will also find ways to meet the self-identified health goals of older adults (and other at risk populations) to assist them with staying healthy longer.​

Overview: TAPESTRY is an 8.7 million dollar primary healthcare development and research program that is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University. It is being coordinated by the Department of Family Medicine in collaboration with the McMaster Family Health Team and other Program Partner sites across Canada.

Two important components of TAPESTRY are:

  1. Integration of a personal health record, including specialized TAPESTRY Applications (eg. life and health goals, diabetes, exercise, sleep, hypertension), into patients’ personal healthcare management.
  2. Trained community volunteers visiting patients in the home, building a social connection and collecting relevant information through a specially designed tablet computer application.

The interprofessional team has adapted their activities to review newly available information and consider opportunities to improve the delivery of proactive care. Early identification of problems such as nutritional deficiencies, inactivity, polypharmacy and social isolation will emphasize an informed and proactive approach to care and is one that allows patients, their families and their health care providers better access to health care, so as to make changes before a crisis arises.

For more information visit: Health Tapestry