Osteoporosis Long-Term Care Publications

The Recommendations for Preventing Fracture in Long-Term Care were designed to prevent immobility, hospital transfers, pain, and improve the quality of life of older adults.

Key publications

  • Building Capacity in Long-Term Care: Supporting Homes to Provide Intravenous Therapy. [Papaioannou A, et al. 2018]
  • A scoping review of physical rehabilitation in long-term care: interventions, outcomes, and tools. [McArthur C et al.  2017]
  • Comparative trends in incident rates for all long-term care and community dwelling seniors in Ontario Canada 2002-2012 [Papaioannou A et al. Osteoporos Int. 2016]
  • Recommendations for preventing fracture in long-term care [Papaioannou A et al. CMAJ. 2015]
  • Hip fracture prevention strategies in long-term care: A survey of Canadian physicians’ opinions [Sawka AM et al. Can Fam Phys. 2010]
  • Clinical practice guidelines and management of osteoporosis [Papaioannou A et al. CMAJ. 2010]
  • What are the beliefs, attitudes and practices of front-line staff in long-term care (LTC) facilities related to osteoporosis awareness, management and fracture prevention? [Lau AN et al. BMC Ger. 2010]
  • A scoping review of strategies for the prevention of hip fracture in elderly nursing home residents [Sawka AN et al. PLoS ONE. 2010]
  • Osteoporosis management among residents living