​ViDOS: Vitamin D & Osteoporosis in Long-Term Care Study

Aim: To increase vitamin D use and evidence-based osteoporosis and fracture prevention practices in long-term care (LTC).

Overview: 40 Long-Term Care homes across Ontario were randomized to the control or intervention groups. The participants in each home included the Medical Director, Director of Care, Pharmacist, Dietician, and other professionals. 

Intervention components (delivered over 12-months):

  • Presentations by ViDOS expert opinion leaders (specialist physicians)
  • 3 Interactive small-group meetings 
  • Prescribing feedback reports
  • Action planning for quality improvement
  • Prescribing alerts, educational tools and resources

Results: Absolute prescribing improvement of 15% for vitamin D and 7% for calcium (the prescribing improvement was 27.0% for vitamin D and 13% for calcium in homes who actively participated). 

LTC homes reported implementing several process/policy changes after participating in the study (examples: standard admission orders and dietary enhancements).

ViDOS participants described the intervention as an enjoyable and valuable experience. The ongoing input from a specialist physician with osteoporosis expertise was considered a valuable component.

Components of Success:

  • Good Participation by LTC professionals
  • Targeted individual and organizational change
  • Engaged interdisciplinary teams
  • Considered home-specific barriers and facilitators
  • Combined standardized presentations and interactive activities

Read the ViDOS publication.